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Mug "I survived Corona virus 2020"

A special mug to kill the virus ! A edition that we hope limited !

Price: 115,000.00 $/Price
Hoi An's lanterns

Price: 25,000.00 $/piece
Hip flask Street Art for Vietnam

Nice souvenir for travelers in Vietnam!

Price: 220,000.00 $/piece
"Da Cau" pencil case

The vietnamese game Da Cau on a pencil case

Price: 60,000.00 $/item
Street Art for Vietnam

Street Art design for this unique bottle opener

Price: 85,000.00 $/Piece
Vietnam Fruits

Price: 15,000.00 $/piece
Vietnamese Transportation

Local means of transportation, from Solex to Scooter.

Price: 80,000.00 $/piece
Bottle Holder Vespa

Special Vespa design.

Price: 50,000.00 $/Piece
Apron Cyclo

Price: 120,000.00 $/item
Totebag "Festival Hue"

Exclusive design made for the festival.

Size of the bag: 35 cm * 31 cm width. One pocket inside the bag, 15 cm * 15 cm. Fabric 100% cotton.  Size of handles: 70 cm or 89 cm.

Price: 85,000.00 $/1 piece
Can cooler Street Art style

American street art style for this unique can cooler.  For all traditionnal can, 10 cm * 7 cm. Collapsable. Designs front and back side.

Price: 80,000.00 $/Piece
Dragon boat

Size : 7 cm * 2,5 cm

Price: 15,000.00 $/item


Cap So 1 (number 1)

Adult Cap So 1, that means Number 1 in vietnamese language. Dark blue color fabric. Raspberry embrodery.  

Price: 60,000.00 $/Piece

Price: 50,000.00 $/item

Basket from the area around A Luoi. Minorities Ta Oi and Pa Ko. Made with ratan and bamboo. Price according to your wishes: size, new / second hand, appearance, quality. Some kinds are available for sale, others made to order. 

Price: 700,000.00 $/item