"Our concept" and "Our logo"

Our Concept

We create and sell souvenirs items in Vietnam. Our products aim to promote the heritage, culture and history of the country. Drawing and colors are our preferred method to make our creations attractive. All our designs are exclusive and copyrighted.

Our products are designed for both foreigners and local tourists. We offer reasonable prices that allows everyone to access our items.

Our firm is a French Vietnamese company established in 2014. We are based in Hue city whose charm inspires our creations.

Since mid 2015, we have been distributing our products to souvenirs shops and hotels, first in central Vietnam and then in the most popular tourist destinations in the country. We plan to open our own shops in the future.

Le Dragon d'Annam

Our logo

Annam ("South Pacified") is the former name given to Vietnam by the Chinese and then by foreign travelers. Annam was then a kingdom and an empire under the Nguyen Dynasty, with Hue its capital. Subsequently, during the French period, the name “Annam” served to designate central Vietnam. The term "Annamite" was used to name the Vietnamese population as a whole. The name "Vietnam" has only been used since 1945.

The dragon is the iconic symbol of Asia and especially Vietnam, as it is the most important sacred figure of the region. Formerly it represented the emperors and the power of the nation. All Vietnamese believe in its supernatural powers and its benefits. The dragon is the source of many legends and beliefs.

The logo "The Dragon of Annam" recalls our attachment to the Vietnamese culture and to the culture of Hue in particular.